I am a writer. My work is centered around creativity, connection, courage and compassion. 


I was born in London and now live in New York City. I’m an introvert who thrives on connecting with others through art and creativity.

I was the child who didn't believe in herself at all. My school reports said I lacked confidence and I almost always felt as though I was on the outside looking in. I certainly never considered myself to be creative.

It took many years for me to begin to notice and nurture my creative spirit.

For most of my life I felt as though I was looking for a cure. I was searching for a definitive answer. Something that would unlock me. I always felt that the solution was tied up in something or someone else.


If I could just be in that relationship. If I could just own that house. If I could just have that job…


Always searching. Ever seeking. Never really finding out or fitting in.


After a failed marriage, a pile of debt, an eating disorder, too many turbulent relationships and a major health scare, I knew I needed to get honest with myself about what really mattered to me.

I began to experiment with photography, a passion I’d buried over twenty years before. I spent my weekends walking around Covent Garden and Brick Lane photographing street scenes. I noticed how I felt when I was creating. Grounded. Content. Alive.

A couple of years later I began to experiment with another passion of mine. Words.

I began a blog and wrote of my experiences with bulimia and low self-esteem. I used poetry and creative writing to help me process past demons and current fears.

Through writing, I found I was able to connect with others in a meaningful way. For the first time in my life I felt as though I belonged.

Creativity helped me to understand myself. To believe myself. To have the courage to claim my own space and share my self-expression.

I am here to help women find their courage through creativity. I wholeheartedly believe that artistic expression emboldens us to embrace our individuality.


My work for women is for anyone who identifies as female or feels called to explore what that might mean for them. This is very much inclusive of trans-women and those who are gender non-conforming or other.

I identify as female. I use the pronoun She. Perhaps you identify differently. Maybe, like me, your living often feels fluid and not fixed. Maybe you struggle to find ways to describe yourself or explain yourself. I want you to know that here in this space, you don't have to. You can just show up as you are.


Thank you for being here.

I hope you find something amongst these pages that feels beautiful or valuable in some way.