Skylar Liberty Rose

I’m Skylar Liberty Rose. I help women find their courage through creativity so they can pursue their passions.

Have you ever talked yourself out of going for a dream because you believed you weren’t worthy or ready?

Have you ever let an opportunity slide away from you because you didn’t feel brave enough to say yes to it?

I spent the first thirty five years of my life burying who I really was so I could play the role of who the world wanted me to be.

I was depressed, constantly ill, stuck in jobs I hated, and too afraid to change any of it.  

Does any of this sound familiar?

Embracing creativity has taken me on a journey that has seen me build two businesses, move to the city of my dreams, marry my very best friend, and live a life I’m passionate about. 

I didn’t stop being afraid. I just did it all anyway. 

And I want to help you do the same.


Creativity requires us to tap into our vulnerability. We have to work through fear of failure and judgment. 

When we create we are combining imagination and resourcefulness. We are envisaging an end result and then taking action to make it happen. This adds to our personal skillset and emboldens us to have the same courage in other areas of our life.

Sometimes we tell ourselves that there is safety in the shadows, that we’ll be ready to pursue our passions at a future date or time. But this is the myth of later. And later is a lie.


I designed Creating Courage: The Heart of Creative Living to help you discover the ways in which creativity and courage are inextricably linked.

I want you to affirm your place in the world, celebrate your self-expression, and work WITH your fears rather than be kept prisoner by them.


Thank you for being the kind of voice I could hear three years ago when the world became too loud. I detached myself from all social media influences to listen more closely to my own voice. But your message and mission has stayed close. One of the greatest blessings about inspiring other women’s empowerment, is that once we have it, it’s there to stay and share with others. What a gift to give. I recently quit my job, sold my belongings, left my life and bought a one way ticket to Puerto Rico where I am doing a volunteer work exchange and immersing myself in the culture, and my art. I live in a tree house (a childhood dream) while I help an amazing artist restore her jungle gardens beaten by Hurricane Maria. I am so humbled by this experience, and so full of gratitude for the opportunity to continue meeting strong women and becoming more in tune with my creative powers (and leading a life of purpose). I was just so excited to say, “Hey, Skylar! Over here! I did it!”.
— Catherine R.

I discovered Skylar’s work when I was looking for positive writing at a time when my mental health was poor and my confidence was low. Her words have helped me immensely. I re-read certain pieces when I’m feeling a bit lost and need a reminder that my caring nature and vulnerability is not a weakness, that my story matters, or that I don’t need to be a certain way to please others. Since reading Skylar’s work I’ve taken the plunge into self employment as a humanist celebrant and have held almost 30 ceremonies in 10 months. I’ve become more confident in my volunteering and motherhood and realised there is so much more to learn about the world and its biases.
— Lisa Bourne