I was amazed at the originality, the absence of cliches, the very direct connection, and the stimulation the series presented.
— Thelma R.
I am finding that the questions you ask for me to explore in my SparkBook are exactly what I need to keep me focused and enthusiastic, while also considering how to move forward!
— Joyce C.
Let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for the perfect course and the perfect timing for me!
— Linda W.
The experience was subtle and thoughtful with meaningful exercises to ponder over. There was no pressure to the course and with the demands of everyday life, it fitted into my lifestyle perfectly and was a great treat to end the day!
— Keri F.
I love starting the day with these gorgeous and inspiring prompts!
— Elina T.
Thank you Skylar,  it was wonderful and inspiring. Thank you for all that you do. Awesomeness.
— Jess S.
Each day of your series brought awareness, suggestions and validation to my life. Thank you, Skylar. I totally enjoyed the experiences and it was much more than I anticipated. In fact, I will be re-visiting the day’s journeys to make sure I didnt miss any messages. And, yes, you are that amazing!”
— Denise M.
Your series really helped me keep my priorities straight. Thanks for EVERYTHING you do. You are such a great example. Thanks for being that little voice in my head.
— Elizabeth P.
There truly was nothing that I did not like in this beautifully crafted, gently led journey of self-exploration.
— Lynne N.