Thank you for being the kind of voice I could hear three years ago when the world became too loud. I detached myself from all social media influences to listen more closely to my own voice. But your message and mission has stayed close. One of the greatest blessings about inspiring other women’s empowerment, is that once we have it, it’s there to stay and share with others. What a gift to give. I recently quit my job, sold my belongings, left my life and bought a one way ticket to Puerto Rico where I am doing a volunteer work exchange and immersing myself in the culture, and my art. I live in a tree house (a childhood dream) while I help an amazing artist restore her jungle gardens beaten by Hurricane Maria. I am so humbled by this experience, and so full of gratitude for the opportunity to continue meeting strong women and becoming more in tune with my creative powers (and leading a life of purpose). I was just so excited to say, “Hey, Skylar! Over here! I did it!”.
— Catherine R.

I discovered Skylar’s work when I was looking for positive writing at a time when my mental health was poor and my confidence was low. Her words have helped me immensely. I re-read certain pieces when I’m feeling a bit lost and need a reminder that my caring nature and vulnerability is not a weakness, that my story matters, or that I don’t need to be a certain way to please others. Since reading Skylar’s work I’ve taken the plunge into self employment as a humanist celebrant and have held almost 30 ceremonies in 10 months. I’ve become more confident in my volunteering and motherhood and realised there is so much more to learn about the world and its biases.
— Lisa Bourne