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It's a wonderful way to contribute towards an engaged community, help shape a creative movement, and also to receive exclusive patron-only shares and early release previews.



Here are some of the ways you can become a valuable part of my Patreon community:



A pledge of support from those who value my writing and want to help me continue to share my creativity across social media platforms. 



Every single thing I create begins in fragment form. Here, I share some of those fragments with you. The way I weld and fuse the pieces together. You'll get to see photographs and snippets of the very beginnings of my creative process. (Click here for a preview)



Perhaps every woman yearns for a space in which she might sometimes crawl inside and crumble. A space which will hold her. Without promises of fixing, or healing, or transcending what is so very human. Here, I offer a monthly share of words and art designed to offer refuge and restoration. (Click here for a preview)


My work with women over the years has shown me over and over again how much we need one another. You don't have to journey alone. Here, we will come together in community once a month on a group video call. We'll refill and replenish and hold space for ourselves and our art. 


Here's what my patrons are saying:


"Your writing reminds me that I do not have to stop speaking or that I am somehow wrong just because others are threatened by it."


"Thank you so much for the daily medicine."


"Oh, Skylar. These words are so important and full of resonance for me. Thank you for showing up in the ways you do. I am very much in relationship with all of this and I am thankful to have someone like you in my life who can shine the light in on the truths in such a tangible way. I value you and your work/art in this world. It matters. You matter. Thank you."


"I adore the manner in which you describe your unfolding day/life."


"Your honesty, raw humanity and willingness to be real has always brought me comfort and created a safe place for me."


"I love these snippets so damn much. The way you notice. The things you see."


"Your words, your truths, your fierceness and kindness, it's pure inspiration. Pure medicine. When I read what you write, I'm reminded to focus, to get back to my own writing and do my work. That's priceless."

I am here for all of this. The razing. The rebuilding. The beautiful revolution of what it means to be a woman telling the truth about her life and encouraging other women to do the same.  


Your patronage means I can continue to create sustainable spaces for women’s self-expression. Containers for us to tell our stories through our creativity. It contributes towards the conversations that give us a chance. And chances change everything.


Thank you a thousand times over.