What is Creating Courage?

What is Creating Courage?


#CreatingCourage is a way for us to claim our own space and share our self-expression through creativity.


It’s a way to explore how creativity contributes to our living and emboldens us to embrace our individuality.


It’s a way to en-courage and strengthen connection to ourselves, our environment and our relationships with others.


It’s a bridge between breaths, because the world can be full of challenges and sometimes the living is not easy. 


Creating Courage isn’t about:

Being fearless.

Suppressing emotion and putting on a brave face.

Comparing our art, or our living, to anyone else’s.

Feeling pressure to be bigger or better.



We are alive at a time when we have the ability to be more connected with the world than ever before. We are also more likely to feel the strain of burn out and overwhelm as a side effect of that same connectivity. We are over saturated with information and bombarded with news and advertising. Creating space to release and process has never been more necessary.


I believe that there is a great void within many of us. An emptiness that we try to fill with other things.


I also believe that we are born creative people, that we spend our whole lives trying to get back to the essence of our creative expression. When we share this expression, we are in alignment with our spirit. When we suppress this expression, we suffer at a soul level.


Creativity can be a transformative tool when we are:

Feeling stifled or stuck.

Struggling to articulate ourselves with words.

Craving inner and outer connection.

Looking for ways to impact our communities.

Experiencing anxiety.

Trying to build confidence.


Creativity gives us a voice. It helps us to stay open minded, to explore with curiosity, to immerse ourselves in a new experience.


This ongoing series is an opportunity to discover the self affirmation that creativity can bring. It's a way to tap into the freedom that can be found when we lose ourselves in creativity. The comfort, the joy, the trust.


Creativity is a beautiful friendship and a loyal ally. 


The series will consist of various topics which will help to establish links between creativity and intentional living. There will be suggestions on how to incorporate creativity into our lives, as well as interviews and community shares.


This isn't a step by step series that will teach you how to paint, or what to write, or how to get noticed.


This is a series that will invite you to show up as you are, and encourage you to work with what you have. It will not be set in stone, rather it will evolve and take shape. Fluidity is a beautiful thing.


It is my hope that the series will offer guidance, reassurance, and the kind of supportive community which will help you to gain a greater understanding of the value of who you are and the important impact that you have.


I want to help you believe that you matter. Because you do. 


I want to help you believe that your creativity matters. Because it does. 


Join this journey over on Patreon. You are free to cancel at any time, but the door is open and you are very, very welcome.