The Words I Wish I’d Known Then (a Letter to the Child I Once Was)

These are the words I wish I’d had whispered to me, many moons ago. When I saw a stray dog on the street that I went home and cried for. When I didn’t get picked for the team. When I didn’t think I was good enough. When I hadn’t yet found my way.


This is for the misfits. For the soul searchers. For the little acorns who don’t yet know they will branch out into their own greatness. For the uncertain children, for the unsure adults, for every single person trying to understand their place in this world. This is for you:


Sweet one, it’s ok that you don’t fit in now. Because you will later. Not with the cool people. You’re going to start your own beautiful revolution.


Sensitive one, don’t listen when they tell you that you must toughen up. Your sensitivity will become your empathy. Your empathy will become the embrace you wrap around jaded hearts. Your embrace will become the love those hearts will remember.


Wild one, you don’t need to succumb to the trappings of a life that isn’t yours. One day, you will seek out the storms that call you. You’ll find riches that cannot be banked. Never think for a moment that you need to tame your roaming heart.


Crying one, let the tears make the trip they need to. It’s all part of your journey.


Fierce one, your passion and pride will be the fuel you use to blaze your own trail. Don’t dilute who you are. The world will try to mould you. Make sure you don’t lose yourself as you journey through its shores.


Shy one, it’s ok that you stumble on your words sometimes. You will find your voice in other ways. Never doubt that your contribution counts.


Compassionate one, your heart feels helpless for the sadness you see.None of your weeping is wasted.Later on, your sorrow will be the catalyst for the change you will make in the lives of others.


Wounded one, you don’t need to be fixed. You’re not broken. Your heart may feel raw, just now, but it knows how to heal itself. Don’t rush to fill in the cracks. Let the hurt breathe.


Bound one, you haven’t yet learned to liberate yourself. You may feel stuck in this moment, but you’ll soon discover the rapture of being your own sovereign. You will claim your freedom and you’ll never, ever look back.


Solitary one, never fill the empty spaces with empty people. Wait for the wonderful ones. Fate has a fondness for bringing together the souls who are made to match. Spend your hours with those who appreciate your worth.


Insecure one, you are so much more than enough. Don’t look at the others and waste your wishes on what you think you need to be. Your beauty is boundless. Shine your diamond light.


Dreaming one, never stop believing in possibility, of who you are, of who you can yet become. Embrace the emotion from every experience. Claim the crown for every victory. Let your legacy be one that honors your truth and your time here will not have been in vain.