My Wish for You Today

Today, may you be loved. As you are. Without needing to add or subtract, or increase or lower.


Today, may you be heard the first time. With space held for the words that you speak. Without needing to repeat or justify, or explain or defend.


Today, may you be witnessed. As you stand. Without pressure to edit your emotions, or present yourself perfectly.


Today, may you be met with kindness. Without feeling a sense of obligation that you owe in return, anything you may be too depleted to draw from.


Today, may your boundaries be given recognition and respect. Without having to push back, again and again.


Today, may you remember that you are your own story, your own named person, your own special word to savor.


Today, may you find time and energy to visit a space that soothes you, a place that calls you, a memory that helps you remember the depths of your being.


It is these moments of sanctuary that are our survival. They are the bridges that get us from hour to hour, through long nights and difficult days. Sanctuary is different for everyone, and often different for our own selves from day to day.


Today, may you remember that you are allowed to claim this sanctuary for yourself.