Can You Set Yourself Alight With True Life?

Can you climb out of your mind and seep into the pit of your soul, catching the echoes that come back at you. Can you let the need fall away and invite the curious to come out to play, blowing the breeze in a new direction, gently pushing back the roses to seek the thorny truth.


Can you throw down the fear and pick up the gauntlet, running with the restless and waking in the wild spaces. Can you see the stars in the canyons and the shrubs in the endless witching sky.


Can you be bold and vulnerable and lost and found?


Can you take the serrated edge and feel the smoothness of each slice, cutting out circles to find the shy, shrouded angles. Can you pour yourself into a new skin and let go of the old casing, seeing spotlights of darkness and shadows of brilliant brightness. Can you be everything they told you not to dare to dream of.


Can you be more?


Can you lose every memory and rewrite every loud line, letting the fever fall into the next phase of its burn without reaching for the cool cloth. Can you skate the skyline with no safety net beneath you, sweeping aside the blue pill and the red pill to choose the riotous purple blaze. Can you shrink from certainty and expand into chance, breathing into the mighty waves with effortless ease.


Can you separate your senses to taste new sounds and hear new flavours, taking your sight and feeling it's form as you listen to its outline. Can you let go of the common to submerge into the extraordinary, allowing the beauty of your fears to fall into their own numbing nothingness.


Can you unfurl your fingers and lose your pretty little mind?


Can you drench yourself in your own wild beauty, refusing to save the best china, or the last dance. Can you lay out your longing and stare down your fears, letting the wild wounds tell their tale of hunger and wretched grief.  Can you ride with the rebels, wandering between worlds, hitchhiking to new planets.


Can you set yourself alight with true life?


Can you take the storm and gather each raging droplet in a melody of joy, feeling the cyclone soak into your skin, soothed by its rushing roar. Can you allow the truth to shake you to the very core of your being without moving to hold on.


Can you travel into the bottle to see what the genie left behind. Can you take your tangled soul and smooth it's fretting fibers, surrendering to each turning tide and every setting sun.


Can you be bare and bold and stark and seen?


Can you take the pebbles of doubt and build monuments of fire, diving into the shallow sea and delighting in its depths. Can you take each tremor and tailspin and let the chaos come, tracing the edges of the earth in the heartbeat of your hands.


Can you make every stray moment a tribute to who you truly are?


Can you?