Be My Revolutionary Valentine?

Thank you for letting me land in your inbox today. I come with love. The kind of love that looks like change. The kind of love that tastes like revolution.


And on this day of love, which has historically looked like women quietly waiting for men to shower us with chocolates or flowers or attention, which somehow is deemed to be synonymous with our worth as humans, I am asking you to join me for something quite different.


I am a writer who helps women find their courage through creativity. I am taking my work and my mission to the next level. I want you to be a part of it.


I am interested in the kind of love that sees women claim and keep spaces which support and sustain their entire body and their whole being.


Women have had to fight over and over and over again for our rights, our recognition, our equality and our safety. We are still fighting.


And, as any fighter knows, it is the sustenance we receive in between each round in the ring which determines our ability to keep forging forward.


I am interested in the kind of love that nurtures the soil at the roots of our movement. The kind of love that helps nourish our needs. The kind of love that does not seek to capitalize from our gender, but instead seeks to give us the courage needed to keep going.


I believe that art is activism.


I believe that creativity takes courage.


And I believe that art and creativity are at the very center of a movement which will help women dismantle the old and build the new.


I am here for it. I want you to be, too.


I truly believe that now, more than ever before, we are at a defining time in the women's movement. We are using our voices, our words, our experiences and we are pouring them into our art. We are refusing to stay silent about the things we know to be wrong. We are creating our own courageous path forward.


I have a vision for a World where women, where all women, are treated equally. A World where we are treated as though our thoughts and our feelings and our bodies and our contributions matter. Because they do. And I believe that it is our creativity which will shape that World.


I have launched my Patreon page to help support this vision.

Patreon is a platform which allows you to support the content you love on a monthly basis. Simply put, you pledge a specific amount each month, which can be as little as $2. We get to be a part of something together. Something that makes a difference.


When you become one of my Patrons, you'll receive access to a variety of rewards, including some behind the scenes material. You'll also have access to my Patron only feed and some of my more intimate work.


Because of your patronage I am able to continue to create and share my words and vision. I am able to take the dreams and dare to bring them to life. I am able to carve out a path that I want us to walk together. It takes a village, and you are helping me build one.