15 Things I Have Learned (or Remembered) in the Last 48 Hours

1.  Grief reveals us. It strips the skin from us and shows us who we are without the day to day adornments that we layer up with. It also shows us who others are. Sometimes there are surprises.


2. Self enquiry is uncomfortable. It's also essential. Without doing the inner work we cannot reap the outer rewards. It begins within.


3.  There are some relationships that it’s necessary to take a step back from. There are some that require taking two steps back from. Or three.


4. Creativity is always a good idea. A creative life is a courageous life. When we allow ourselves the freedom to create in the way that our heart most desires, we are reinforcing the empowering truth that we are able to live that way, too.


5.  At times of crisis, soulmates step forward. They softly, quietly gather up our torn, scattered pieces and gently help to put us back together. They can do this in person or from afar. They’re magical that way.


6. Some hugs stay with us forever.


7.  It’s ok not to have all the answers. Or any of the answers. It’s ok not to know, or not to be sure. It’s ok to be human and imperfect and make a mess of the moment or the day or the week.


8. The answer to almost every problem can be found in the eyes of a dog.


9.  Being brave enough to be vulnerable is really necessary. It’s also really challenging. But it truly is in those brutally bare moments that we receive the wisdom we most need.


10. People pleasing is a non paying position. Do not apply for that job.


11.  It will never be completely easy. Whatever “it” is. For every moment of bright brilliance there will be many more moments of wading through deep marshes in thick fog wondering what on earth is actually going on. Hang in there. You're doing just fine.


12. We are each of us enough. Make this your daily mantra. Say the words until your heart accepts them and your body absorbs them: “I am safe. I am loved. I am good enough”.


13.  We can never fully accept anyone else until we are able to fully accept ourselves. Just when you think you’ve got your Self Acceptance Crown nice and straight, someone will come along and knock it off. It’s ok. Crown back up and own your throne.


14. Some wounds reopen after long decades have passed. Listen to their story but do not be defined by their words. Gently remind them that their time has passed.


15.  Every time the words “I love you” are uttered, a flower grows, a heart heals, a tide turns and a body breathes. Say those words often. And say them to yourself.


I am a writer who helps women find their courage through creativity. I am driven by a deep desire to see women claim and keep spaces which support and sustain their entire body and their whole being. Please visit my Patreon page to become a part of my community there.

Image courtesy of Leon Cato Photography