12 Mantras for Creating Courage

Courage comes in many forms. Some days we feel like the world is our arena and our courage seems to come so easily. Other times, it’s harder to come by. We feel lost or small, tender or torn. In those moments our courage is found in the quiet, steady strength that it takes to get us to the next breath.


Sometimes we need a chance to re-root and remember who we are. An opportunity to take a moment, say a mantra, and bring ourselves back. Here are some words to help you remember your power:


1. I am not the before. I am not the after. I am the now. In times of challenge we can often replay old stories or leap ahead to future fears. Strive to stay in the present moment. Notice each inhale. Pay attention to each exhale. Let this be the rhythm that soothes away any anxiety.


2. I am safe. I am loved. I am good enough. Say these words aloud until your body truly believes them. This powerful mantra has helped me to make monumental shifts in my life and I continue to use it daily.


3. I believe in the beauty of who I am and what I was born to do. You are a beautiful being and a capable person. Yes, you. Your path is not likely to always be easy or effortless. You will probably know obstacles and challenges, some of them will be difficult and painful. But you were born to be in this world, to embark on your own unique journey. Let nobody keep you from celebrating who you are and all that you can achieve. You alone get to decide who and what that is.


4. My thoughts and feelings are valid. I honor each emotion. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable with our self expression, believing that others know better than we do or have more right to take center stage. Do not doubt your value or underestimate your worth. Your contribution counts. Communicate with respect for yourself and compassion for others. Look to see who else you can help hold space for in this way so that each person is able to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment.


5. I recognize and respect my needs. Our individuality is what makes our collective fabric so incredibly beautiful. We each add texture and color to the blend. Our personal needs may be similar to others in our lives or they may be vastly different. Understand that we each get to determine what those needs are and set the appropriate boundaries so that we can continue to live in our integrity.


6. I acknowledge my power and I wield it wisely. Each of us has the ability to make a difference. Every action has a consequence. When we recognize that our thoughts become things, we are able to tap into our highest power and greatest potential. Create awareness around intention and impact. Let the energy that you pour into the world be mindful and magical.


7. I am not afraid of my fear. We all feel fear at times. It is one of our inbuilt safety mechanisms. Creating courage is not about fearlessness, it's about taking our fear and turning it into our fierce. It's an alchemical process. Consider that every emotion is useful, every feeling is fuel. Nothing is wasted.


8. I already have everything I need to move in the direction of my dreams. We often put off starting something we deeply desire to achieve because we feel that we are not yet ready to begin. We believe that a future date or time will miraculously see us more prepared. This pattern of thinking can keep us stuck and prevent us from moving forward. Take steps every day to move closer towards your goals. Preparation can't happen unless you take action – today.


9. I trust my intuition and inner voice. Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have. It will inform and influence all of your other relationships. By tuning into (and trusting) your inner guiding light, you will cultivate and further strengthen the courage that lives at the core of you.


10. I lovingly stand up for what I believe in. When we use our power as a platform to lovingly stand up for our beliefs, we en-courage others to do the same. Think of a person you admire who has helped create positive change in the world. Could they have made the same impact if they hadn't had the courage to stand up and be counted?


11. Every day is a new opportunity to be more of me. Every single sunrise offers you a chance to be more of your authentic self. It doesn't matter if you messed up yesterday - today is a new dawn and it is full of energy that wants to be transformed. Notice the nature all around you. See how the sun doesn't ask for permission to shine. See how the storm doesn't behave meekly. Let them inspire you to be fully you.


12. I give gratitude for my fortitude. Gratitude is a game changer. It multiplies the odds of receiving more of what you want. Every experience you've ever had has brought you to where you are now. You are braver than you realize, fiercer than you know. Look forward, move onward and rise higher into your limitless potential.