I am a writer. My work is centered around creativity, connection, courage and compassion. 


I was born in London and now live in New York City. I’m an introvert who thrives on connecting with others through art and creativity.  I love classical music, candles, chai and chocolate, crunchy leaves, library books, wine and log fires. 

I also love challenging societal norms, making space for marginalized voices, disrupting systems of oppression and encouraging women’s self-expression. 

I am here for justice and joy and the ways in which creativity can intertwine and intersect with everything. 

I want to honor and witness my own living. I also want to honor and witness yours. I want to stay human. I am not seeking an upgrade to a more spiritual level (which sometimes looks like a seat of superiority that I do not find interesting or special.)


I am always interested in the spaces between.

Between what is said or unsaid. Between what is visible or hidden. Between what is accepted or rejected. At the end of every exhale there is a pause, a sliver of a second, a between moment that is almost always unnoticed. But still, it is there. It exists. It is not always true that what is most meaningful is centered or spotlighted. There are unspoken wonders taking place. On the periphery of everything we gaze at, there are a thousand supporting breaths, hands and heartbeats that we do not observe. They matter.

I adore the kind of living that is intentional and deliberate. 

The kind of living which reveres the ordinary moments, the ones we are often encouraged to discard or dismiss. A living which challenges the norms we are spoon fed. The deeper layers that have a home way below the surface.

I believe in the space of and/both.

The way in which every truth can co-exist with every conflicting truth. The way we are moving and static and living and dying in the same breath. The way everything is spectacularly connected and stunningly singular.


I fully support LGBTQi people, I believe Black Lives Matter and I have a deep desire to see Native Americans be given respect and fair representation.

Intersectionality is important to me and I strive to gain a greater understanding of experiences that are not mine. 


My work for women is for anyone who identifies as female or feels called to explore what that might mean for them. This is very much inclusive of trans women and those who are gender non-conforming or other.

I identify as female. I use the pronoun She. I often feel other. Maybe some of this is true for you, too. Maybe you feel differently. Maybe, like me, your living is fluid and not fixed. Maybe you struggle to find ways to describe yourself or explain yourself. I want you to know that here in this space, you don't have to. You can just be here. It matters greatly to me that we create a World where equality and inclusivity are not just words that we use to sound good, but practices we honor and center.


Creativity is truly my meditation. 

Understanding the power of the creative process has been the single most significant experience of my life.


If you are someone who likes glossy marketing, indisputable facts, funnels, loud voices on big stages, definitive lists of how to achieve everything you're currently lacking, step by step plans on how to get "there"... then my work definitely isn't for you. 


If you are someone who likes the way that worlds merge when the morning light hits the depth of the dream, the way the right song can catch like a memory in the back of the throat, the fluidity of this life and this living, the way that going to edges of everything can reveal new threads and a whole other fabric, the joy of the solitary moment that you can keep and claim as yours alone.... then my work might be for you. 


Thank you for being here.

I hope you find something amongst these pages that feels beautiful or valuable in some small way.